Thomas Ziembicki

Before becoming masseur, for many years I have practiced Aikido and sword fencing. I thought of them as ways of expressing myself in movement, but also as a way of living and keeping my body, mind and spirit in good condition. But I felt that I was missing something. I felt there was lack of balance. And when I heard somewhere, from some martial artist, that knowledge of how to fight should be opposed and completed with knowledge of how to heal - I knew what I had to do. Massage became very important part of me. I incessantly work on improving my knowlegde and technique and this is how I got myself into Bergen Body Work. I find it´s way most complex and effective. Tomasz Ziembicki got his masseur diploma in 2009 in Poland. He had his private practice in Poland and currently he is massage therapist in one of Bergen SPA´s.

Behandlinger tilgjengelig:

Clinic 30 minutt , Hjemme behandling 60 min , Massasje behandling 120 minutt , Massasje behandling 15 minutt , Massasje behandling 30 minutt , Massasje behandling 45 minutt , Massasje behandling 60 minutt , Massasje behandling 75 minutt , Massasje behandling 90 minutt , Myofascial Release 45 minutt , Myofascial Release 60 minutt , Myofascial Release 75 minutt , Myofascial Release 90 minutt , Ungdoms rabatt 45 min massasje 10% , Ungdoms rabatt 60 min massasje 10% , Ungdoms rabatt 75 min massasje 10% , Ungdomsrabatt 30 min massasje 10%